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We are passionate about fashion, shopping local, and helping small boutique owners focus on what they love {not on taking iPhone pictures of their products}.

epagaFASHION  provides professional photography (in studio and on-location) to help sell your seasonal statement pieces and connect with your shoppers online. Better photographs yield better sales.

jessicaROARKowner / photographer
Jessica took interest in fashion long before created her first photograph. Each season the trends tell a story… about culture and movement. She loves reading that story. She loves telling that story through the lens.
Mary Beth has a handbag for every outfit. She wears a pop of color to make a point. She places patterns in the most poignant way. Her style is clean and intentional… like how she shoots.
janaeTROTTERstudio manager
Janae is our hip and savvy studio manager. She’s also a gorgeous gal who looks good in {literally} any piece of clothing you put on her. Need a model for your next fashion shoot? She’ll make a great option.

epagaFASHION offers local KC boutiques fresh photographs to showcase their seasonal fashion trends. Keep social media and website content current with the help of our creative team.

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